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Festas de Lisboa' Sardines


Illustrated sardines.

Lisbon's biggest festival takes place on the 13th of June - Saint Anthony's feast day. The eve of the feast is a funny night to spend in our city - you can find little parties called arraiais all around the place, where two things are essential: lively dancing music and grilled sardines. The sardines play such an important role in our culture that they have become the graphic symbol of the festival. EGEAC, the company responsible for Lisbon's cultural animation opens each year a public competition, to illustrate a sardine silhouette. The winning sardines are then used as ambassadors for the festivities - they can be found on the web and on TV, in mupis and outdoors, in newspapers and flyers, in public transports and vitrines. EGEAC also promotes an exhibition with a selection of the best submissions.

In 2014 I won the competition ex aequo with six other sardines, with 'Como Chouriço no Caldo Verde' (Like Chorizo in Caldo Verde). If you want to purchase this sardine merchandising, visit Artwear.

Also in 2014, my sardine 'Estamos cá todos' (We're all here) was selected to be part of the collective exhibition and 'Festa & Paz' (Feast & Peace) soon followed the same destiny in 2015. 


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